Three Simple Methods to Improve Landscape Photos Using HSL Settings in Lightroom

Photographers have a wide range of editing choices and possibilities thanks to Lightroom. Landscape and wildlife photography depend heavily on color, and there are several techniques to manipulate color with Lightroom. Using the HSL (hue, saturation, and luminance) sliders in Lightroom is one of the finest methods to enhance the colors in your image. The HSL sliders are sometimes disregarded and undervalued, but with a little extra care, they may be quite helpful.

Most of the time, adjusting your images using the HSL sliders will make them somewhat rather than noticeably better for landscape photography. In this tutorial, we’ll briefly go through three techniques for enhancing landscape and nature images using the HSL sliders.

  1. Increase Blue Skies
    Since the sky is usually a key component in landscape photographs, adding some additional life to the sky may significantly enhance the whole image. Fortunately, using the HSL settings makes this rather simple to do. Let’s examine the procedure using this example image.
    You should lower the blue brightness by sliding the slider to the left, as shown below, to improve the appearance of a blue sky.

Of course, the precise settings required for each photograph will differ. Additionally, you will need a little blue in the beginning. Adjusting the blue brightness and saturation won’t have any effect if the sky is entirely white or gray since there is no blue to change.

Here is the example image with the new settings.

  1. More Greens
    Of course, there are plenty of green trees, grass, and other greenery in many landscape photographs. These greens, like the blue sky, may often be enhanced. Working with greens involves a somewhat similar procedure. Reduce brightness to make the greens darker.

Additionally, you could in certain circumstances wish to slightly brighten the color. Be cautious since even little adjustments might significantly alter the image.

The intensity of the desired effect will determine how far you want to move the sliders. The finest results will often come from little adjustments that yet keep a genuine, natural appearance.

  1. Enhance Fall Colors
    Because of the beautiful hues, autumn is a popular season for many landscape and wildlife photographers. The rich hues that your eyes witnessed at the event may not always be present in your photographs, particularly RAW files. It is also possible to make these colors more vibrant by using the HSL sliders.

Let’s examine a another example image.
You may now adjust the brightness and saturation sliders to enhance the autumnal hues. Starting out, let’s raise saturation.

Working with the HSL parameters is excellent because you can choose just how strong or subtle you want the impact to be.

Here is the example picture after the modifications.
You can now start utilizing the HSL settings in Lightroom to improve your landscape photos in three simple ways. The Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets provide one-click and stackable workflow presets that will make these kinds of modifications to the settings if you’d prefer some presets to do the job for you.