Shooting County Market

Anyone who has ever been to a real county fair would know that these events are often filled with happy people, mouthwatering food, and a ton of things to do. This implies that anybody who wants to take excellent photos of a fair will have to spend a lot of time moving about.

They will also need to locate the locations where photos are most likely to be taken because of this. Most often, this is accomplished by choosing which significant events and activities take place on the days the fair is held and then analyzing them.

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For instance, a fair has a number of daily activities that are rich in picture opportunities, such as food-eating contests, animal competitions, and the many guests engaging in a variety of activities. A camera should also be used to document an equivalent number of nighttime activities.

Fairs have a variety of themes, including yearly festivities, firemen’s carnivals, and festivals with a focus on certain foods like strawberries or dates. However, they also have a number of characteristics. One place that often has rides, games, and flashing lights is one example. Additionally, there is often some kind of animal exhibit, an amusement zone, or even exhibitions of crafts or speciality items. Knowing this helps the photographer choose the tone of their images a little bit more easily.

Why does this matter? Well, if they wanted to take pictures of contemporary teenagers, they would set up shop all over the rides and games, but if they wanted to take pictures of families with young children, they would probably have more luck in the animal and food parts.
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It’s important to keep in mind that most county fair photography is done with a hand-held camera. Due to the large number of people, it is almost impossible to set up a tripod securely, therefore the photographer must choose settings and settings that will enable them to use their camera as effectively as possible.

However, this does not imply that difficult or low-light shots cannot be taken. Many photos of county fairs really benefit from a little fuzz. After nightfall, take into consideration such amusement parks. The blurred lights and individuals in the photographs captured by a hand-held camera would be able to capture all of the activity and movement in these areas.
Those who often shoot fairs also search for lone, interesting settings to capture. For instance, the various backgrounds of the fairgoers may be very clear and kind of attractive. Imagine an elderly couple and a group of young people dressed in contemporary attire together in the hectic, vibrant environment of a county fair. This exemplifies why so many people pack their cameras for the day!

Publish Your Work

Please feel free to join our flickr group and contribute your photos to the collection if you’d want to share your county fair photography. Include the hashtag “TPA_CountyFair” in your photographs of the county fair. We will choose the top photographs from the collection and include them in an upcoming post. This may result in excellent exposure, and photographers from across the globe may be inspired by your photos.