Understand the powerful functions of PHOTOSHOP in landscape photography through nick page

Be truthful. When did you first start to fear Photoshop? It’s been as long as I can remember for me. With Lightroom and Capture One, I feel really at ease, but Photoshop is very daunting. However, I’ve discovered that it needn’t be that way. I’ve often questioned what I could be losing out on as a landscape photographer if I don’t grasp Photoshop. Nick Page simply showed me, I guess. Only one of the 25 courses in the $89 5DayDeal Complete Photography Bundle 2020 is Essential Photoshop For Landscape Photography, but it’s already worth the entry fee. Here is a brief summary of this informative course.
I’ll be completely honest with you; my Photoshop skills are horrible. I can certainly utilise cutting tools, rudimentary layers, and clone stamps, but that’s about it. Because Photoshop is so frightening, I’ve never taken the time to explore its hundreds of capabilities in depth. My constant excuse is that I don’t have time to learn. This year’s 5DayDeal was released, and when I saw Nick Page’s instructional, I knew I had to evaluate it. It was time to face my Photoshop phobias. I’m happy I took the risk. I’ve discovered that Photoshop is as strong as we think it is, but it’s also nothing to be afraid of.

Summary of Contents

Photoshop is a Must for Landscape Photography
How It’s Constructed You’ll Quickly Learn a Lot
Photoshop’s see-and-do learning method is incredible.
Save, Donate, Teach, and Produce

This lesson is excellent for any photographer, regardless of Photoshop knowledge, in my opinion, having gone through it myself. Other types of photography may also use this technique. Nick does make use of landscape shots (and even gives you practise ones). Nick is mostly teaching the methods, however, and not so much the subject content.


The course, Essential Photoshop For Landscape Photography, is divided into manageable chunks. These sections go over

Tools you must be aware of

Round-tripping, opening, and saving

Layers for adjustments and pixels

Using options and choosing colours and luminosities

Sharpening, blending and blend modes, hotkeys and shortcuts, local contrast and exposure, dodging and burning, retouching, and clean-up

video editing tutorials

You receive a lot of stuff in this lesson, as you can see above. Each video is 8 to 26 minutes long, and Nick does an excellent job of breaking down everything into simple terms with live screen grabs that demonstrate how everything works.


All these tools that I had been avoiding for years didn’t seem too complicated at first. In his personal method, Nick uses Lightroom to correct colour, exposure, chromatic aberrations, and distortions before exporting the.TIF file to Photoshop. As shown by Nick, switching back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop is as simple as right-clicking a picture in LR and selecting to export to Photoshop. As soon as you finish editing a photo in Photoshop and save it, the freshly altered image instantly appears in your Lightroom collection.

It was really simple, and I’m certain that the most of you know how to accomplish it. However, more difficult chores that I’ve always found confusing, including blending, blend modes, adjustment layers, and luminosity masks, rapidly made sense. Even more, Nick demonstrates how to paint and incorporate colour into your picture. This is excellent if you want to build contrast between warm and cool tones and give your photos a lot more depth. I had no idea that using colours might be used to effectively dodge and burn.

Do you want to learn how to use Photoshop? If so, Nick Page’s lesson will make using the programme much simpler. Don’t be deterred by the title’s use of the term “landscape.” Yes, the video mostly features photos of landscapes. However, the abilities you acquire from this course may be applied to any photograph, regardless of its genre.

In addition to the six photos you may download and experiment with, the instruction also includes six walk-through videos. In order to witness and mimic Nick’s actions, you may modify the same images in real time. I think learning should be done just like this. You may just rewind the video and watch it again if anything in the walk-through makes no sense. It’s ideal. You get to study stress-free and at your own speed.

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